Austin Texas Bike Polo Social Club

How to find us

Mendez Neighborhood Park (aka Metz Neighborhood Park)
2407 Canterbury St, Austin, TX 78702
down the hill, next to the basketball court

To ensure that we provide a safe and inclusive space for everyone, we have collectively written a Code of Conduct that we expect everyone to respect.

Newbie Nights

Tuesdays (7pm)

Our Newbie Nights are specifically for anyone who considers themselves a rookie or has never played before. This is the easiest way to learn what bike polo is and how to play. We'll teach you everything you've ever wanted to know about bike polo. The only things we ask you to bring are a bike (any kind will do) and a helmet, we'll provide everything else!

Pickup Nights

Thursdays (7pm) and Sundays (noon)

These are the nights where the entire club comes together for some fun 3v3 bike polo! We typically throw all the mallets in a pile and then shuffle at random and games are usually around 12-15 minutes.

Even though we have "Newbie Nights" on Tuesdays, anyone is welcome to join our weekly pickup nights, even beginners. Some games can be fast-paced, but if you're new, we'll slow it down and make sure to give you some good passes! You're also welcome to just watch, heckle, and hang.

About us

While bike polo has been around in Austin since 2008, ATXBPSC officially formed in 2009 (check out our old Blogspot) and for most of that time has called Mendez Park* home. Since our beginning, we have worked hard to create a diverse, inclusive, and supportive space.

We are inclusive, mixed-gender, pro-LGBTQ+, antiracist, and open to all ages and abilities. We do not tolerate hate speech or disrespectful behavior.

We have more lefties than any other club in the world! We also love karaoke!

Learn more about our new court being built in 2023: Austin to roll out first bike polo court in the city | KXAN Austin

* Mendez Park used to be called Metz Park. It was originally named after a confederate soldier (ugh, gross). In 2020, the park was renamed after Rodolfo "Rudy" Mendez, a dance teacher and mentor in East Austin!

photograph of our new court at Mendez Park


Upcoming Tournaments

Maybe in the spring???

Previous Tournaments

What is bike polo?

Bike polo is a mixed-gender sport similar to hockey but played on bikes. It started in the 1890s on grass. Back in the late 90s, some bored bike messengers started playing in a parking garage in Seattle, and the sport has since grown into a DIY global community. We play the hardcourt version of bike polo. There are 2 goals, a ball, and 6 players on a court (3v3). Put the ball in the goal. Pretty simple.

Here are some very basic rules:

  2. To score, you have to hit the ball with the end of the mallet into the goal. You can't use the side of the mallet (that's called a "shuffle") or scoop it in.
  3. If you put your foot down (that's called a "dab"), you must tap your mallet on the boards on either side at halfcourt (that's called a "tap-in").
  4. While some contact is ok in tournament, we tend to avoid much contact. It's not really necessary in today's game.

More info: Official ruleset

Contact us

  • The best way to get in touch is on Instagram.
  • Questions related to the South Central region should be direct to our very own, Justin Salinas (
  • For more information about the North American organizing association, visit the NAH website.